Take this waltz – Leonard Cohen

img-20180513-wa00054659134926375288384.jpgNo title – Willy Mulderij

Ah but who is it climbs to your picture // With a garland of freshly cut tears


The lyrics of this song, and especially the two lines above, gave me a better understanding of poetry, I believe. Poems rarely make me vibrate, I can’t get the meaning, never understand what the poet tries to tell. Now it seems to me that poetry should be read differently compared to prose, a novel for instance. It’s not only what the poet says/writes, it’s what the listener/reader hears/reads.
Like the music of JS Bach for example. If you’re not a music expert, you may not be aware of many details. But the beauty of the music is accessible for everybody.

Cohen’s translation into English of Lorca’s poem is gorgeous. And the music fits it so well.

8 gedachten over “Take this waltz – Leonard Cohen

      1. Empty gaat enigzins. Famous bleu raincoat staat nu op mijn verlanglijstje. Voor jou, Willie en je zoon wens ik het allerbeste voor 2019 en doe ik als voormalig atheïst een niet religieus schietgebedje, dank jullie wel, amen!


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